Social Media Guidelines

Last updated July 2019

Welcome to Wisconsin Public Radio’s social network. We invite listeners to engage with our content, and each other, in a way that is thoughtful, authentic and respectful. The comments you post to our social media may be used on-air and may be edited for length and clarity.

Be Curious

WPR shares news, information and entertainment content produced at WPR’s studios across the state, and content from our partners including NPR, BBC and more. We invite you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, download our app,or call in to our live talk programming. We invite you to join the conversation.

Be Honest/Post As Your Primary Profile

As an organization deeply rooted in journalism, WPR strives for truth and accuracy in the content we present. We ask you to use your real name, real contact information and a real email address. Please post as an individual and not from a pseudonym or Facebook group.

Stay On Topic

We cover a wide variety of topics on our shows and on our web site. Please keep your comments, and the discussion thread, to the topic. We offer a variety of content, you’ll likely find something to engage with.

Keep It Short

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” Please comment in your own words and not via meme, gif, or other unrelated image. Links to off-site content will also be moderated/removed. Comments from WPR’s social network may be used on-air during programs. A brief, to-the-point comment is preferable.

Respect People’s Privacy

WPR has a long history of supporting civil discourse, and that commitment extends to our social network. Feel free to share your ideas and experiences about religion, politics and relevant products or services you’ve discovered. But this is not a place for advertising, promotion, recruiting, campaigning, lobbying, soliciting or proselytizing. Do not share anyone’s contact information in your comments or discussions. Do not stalk, creep or troll other community members.

No Personal Attacks

We allow discussion of controversial issues. We understand that some topics require blunt talk, but please try to disagree without being disagreeable. Focus your remarks on positions, not personalities. No personal attacks, name calling, libel, defamation, or hate speech. And under no circumstances should you post anything that could be taken as threatening, harassing, bullying, obscene, pornographic, sexist or racist.

WPR will enforce a strict no-trolling policy. A pattern of posting argumentative, inflammatory, and baiting comments that demonstrate an intent to sow discord and provoke community members will result in removal of comments and, in most instances being blocked and banned from posting in WPR’s online community. Calling out, flaming and engaging (aka “feeding the trolls”) may also result in action.

No Obscenities

Even if the word in question is often used in conversation please refrain from that sort of language – this includes abbreviations, emojis, character/letter replacements, intentional misspellings, and any and all word modifications that try to circumvent this guideline. This guideline includes both the content of your posts and the profile picture on your account. Profile images that include obscenities, or images that violate WPR’s guidelines, will be moderated/removed from posting. WPR enables platform-based profanity filters to help prevent posts with offensive language from appearing on our channels. Keep it social so everyone can feel comfortable participating.

No Plagiarism/Intellectual Property Theft

You’re welcome to quote limited amounts from other people’s work with attribution and any associated copyright notice and consistent with “fair use” principles of copyright law. You must have the legal right to upload or download any content you upload to or download from the discussion board and/or blog comments.

Violations Of Community Guidelines

Wisconsin Public Radio is not responsible for the content or opinions posted by its users. WPR contracts with an outside moderation company to review and remove posts that violate our guidelines. WPR has the right (but not the obligation) to review, screen, delete, edit and/or move any content posted. WPR has the right to block or ban any profiles or persons who violate the Community Guidelines. WPR has the right to share with Facebook, University authorities, or any law enforcement authority any statements that are directly or indirectly threatening.