Should Gov. Walker Apologize For Doe case?


Democrats are asking Governor Walker to apologize for all the public money being spent on convicting his former aides in the John Doe probe in Milwaukee. Another of Walker’s former county employees was sentenced in a Milwaukee courtroom yesterday. Darlene Wink will be on probation for a year and pay fines, for doing political work on county time.During the sentencing, Wink apologized.

“I want to apologize first to Milwaukee County taxpayers and my former boss, and my friends and my family,” she said.

Wink’s attorney, Peter Wolff told news reporters that by former boss, Wink is apologizing to Governor Walker.

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“She never wanted him involved and doesn’t like giving him a bad name, having him associated with any of this,” he says.”She still respects him and wants everything positive for him.”

State Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinskisays it’s touching to see Darlene Wink apologize to Milwaukee County taxpayers, but says it’s the governor who should do the apologizing.

“We’ve had several criminal acts now that have been adjudicated where people did work for Scott Walker on taxpayer time,” he says. “Taxpayers deserve an explanation.”

Zielinski says Walker could write a check from his campaign warchest. Walker’s campaign says County Executive Walker made it clear that government employees were not permitted to use county time or resources for political activity of any kind. The campaign says the governor continues to fully cooperate with authorities as the legal process runs its course.