Rep. Kramer To Appear In Court On Harassment Charges

Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha)
Photo: Rep. Bill Kramer's Website

State Rep. Bill Kramer, R-Waukesha, is expected before a Waukesha County judge Monday morning to make an initial court appearance on sexual assault charges. Democrats continue to make note of Kramer’s legal problems.

Some Republicans want Kramer to resign from the Assembly while he fights the formal charges, and others claim that he’s been harassing women. Kramer is innocent until proven guilty, but state Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said over the weekend that the allegations against Kramer say bad things about the GOP.

“What I find disgusting about that is — obviously Rep. Kramer’s behavior is deplorable — but it is pretty clear that an awful lot of elected Republicans knew that he had this problem,” Tate said. “[They] knew that he had this history of, whether it’s an alcohol problem and getting drunk, and then assaulting women.”

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Republican state representatives chose Kramer as their majority leader last year, though at least one GOP lawmaker was uncomfortable with the idea. Kramer has since been stripped of his leadership role.

If found guilty of the sexual assault charges, he could go to jail for decades. Kramer’s attorney says his client is being unfairly targeted.