Nearly 1,000 Illegal Guns Seized In Milwaukee This Year

Police Chief Ed Flynn Urges Stricter Penalties For Illegal Firearm Possession

Greg Matthews (CC-BY-ND)

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said his department has now seized 900 illegal guns this year.

The city is seeing a large increase in gun homicides this year and Flynn said the city is awash in firearms.

“So far this year, the Police Department has seized from bad guys over 900 guns,” Flynn said. “We’re not just a city that happens to have violence and guns. We are a city that’s functioning in an environment in which firearms are easily gotten, quickly used to resolve disputes, and for which the sentencing structures are laughably lenient.”

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Flynn has been urging state lawmakers to pass tougher sentencing rules for violent misdemeanor offenders repeatedly caught carrying a gun.

Flynn said prison is meant for those who scare the public, rather than just annoy them.