Mother’s Day Shootings Renew Concerns About Gun Violence In Milwaukee

Two Men Die In Shootings 10 Hours Apart On Sunday


Two murders on Mother’s Day have Milwaukee officials renewing their concerns about gun violence in the city.

Two men died on Sunday in shooting incidents that took place about 10 hours apart. One of the dead is 47-year-old bar owner Herman Paige. Police say they’re pursuing a known suspect in that case.

Officers say they’re also looking for a known suspect in the street shooting of 33-year-old Christopher Edwards around noon Sunday.

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Later this week, Milwaukee officials will hold a gun buyback program. Officials say won’t be a panacea for the city’s gun homicide rate, especially if violent people won’t turn in their weapons.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm says he has a team of prosecutors focusing on fatal and non-fatal shootings, including by felons who illegally possess a firearm. Chisholm also says prosecutors work with others police to identify people who may have a high probability of being a violent offender or victim.

Chisholm says he believes Milwaukee can reduce the number of homicides to the relatively low levels of a few years ago.