Feds to Probe Derek Williams case


A federalcivil rights probe is underway, into the death of a Milwaukee man who died last year whilein police custody.

Recently released police video shows Derek Williams pleading for help in the back of a squad car while an officer tells Williams to stop messing around. Williams died a little while later. The Milwaukee County district attorney has asked a retired judge to review the Williams case, which is now classified as a homicide.But U.S. Attorney James Santelle says the FBI is starting its own probe.

“This is not about lack of trust in other institutions of government.”

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and several common council members in the city asked for the federal probe into the Williams case.Alderwoman Milele Coggs is happy the investigation is underway, but says it won’t be a cure-all.”That building police-community relations is an ongoing process.”

Coggs says she’s glad that the justice department says it’s also still considering a broader civil rights review of the Milwaukee Police Department’s patterns and practices.

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