DOJ Promises Thorough Probe Of Milwaukee Police Department

Community Members Question Whether Investigation Will Go Far Enough

A Milwaukee police officer. Light Brigading (CC-BY-NC)

The U.S. Justice Department promised a thorough review of the Milwaukee Police Department on Thursday as part of what’s called a “collaborative reform” initiative, but some community members are expressing skepticism.

DOJ officials announced earlier in the week that they have accepted Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn’s request for a collaborative review. Agency official Ronald Davis promised news reporters many months of assessment and monitoring.

“This is extremely deep,” David said. “This is the same kind of review assessment in pulling back the layers of an organization as any investigation we would do in the Department of Justice.”

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But Maria Hamilton, whose son Dontre was shot to death by a Milwaukee police officer last year said the DOJ should have approved a tougher, so-called “pattern or practice” investigation.

“We are dying here and they continuously keep covering up,” Hamilton said.

The DOJ will hold a town hall meeting in Milwaukee next month, as part of its review.

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