Comey Encourages Employees To Report Wrongdoing By FBI Staff

FBI Director James Comey

While in Milwaukee Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey said he’s urging his employees to report actions by bureau staff that make them uncomfortable.

Comey is touring several FBI field offices. Milwaukee is where special agent Mark Crider says the former agent in charge asked him to commit perjury to support the agency’s effort to keep a wounded combat veteran from joining the FBI. Director Comey says he asked to meet Crider to shake his hand. Comey says he wants other staff to come forward as need be.

“I’m very proud of any of my people who raise their hand and say, ‘I think I’ve seen something that makes me uncomfortable, I don’t think it’s right,’” Comey said. “Great! I want to make sure I reward that and encourage that.”

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Comey declined to comment on any Justice Department investigation into the allegations against former Milwaukee office leader Teresa Carlson, who has been transferred to Washington, D.C.