Coalition Calls For Audit Of Milwaukee Police Department

Police Chief Flynn Welcomes Audit, But Wonders About Funding

Chuck Quirmbach/WPR

A coalition of community leaders in Milwaukee says several changes in the city’s police force would make residents safer.

The Community Coalition for Quality Policing includes leaders of civil rights, black, Latino and religious organizations. Pastor Steve Jerbe said at a Tuesday news conference that one of their recommendations is for an audit of the Milwaukee Police Department’s policy of identifying and addressing the roots of crime — so-called problem-oriented policing.

“The audit is a way that the city may demonstrate public trust, and take initial steps to assess and approve its effectiveness, through an independent, third-party review,” Jerbe said. He also wants the city to release a U.S. Department of Justice analysis of the Milwaukee police force. Police leaders say they’re trying to get the DOJ to fully release the report.

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Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says he’s open to an audit but wants to know who would pay for it.

“Certainly, we’re not averse to anyone coming in and examining our community policing efforts, because we think they’re among the nation’s best. So, if they can identify the funding, great,” Flynn said.

Flynn, however, questioned another coalition recommendation to strengthen Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission. He said the citizen panel appointed by Milwaukee’s mayor is already among the nation’s best.

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