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Christopher Manney Testifies At Reinstatement Hearing

Former Officer Defends Frisking Dontre Hamilton

Chuck Quirmbach/WPR 

Testimony may wrap up Monday in the appeals hearing of a fired white police officer in Milwaukee, who killed an African-American man, Dontre Hamilton, last year. Christopher Manney took the witness stand Sunday, in an attempt to get his job back.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said he fired Manney for starting to frisk Dontre Hamilton at a downtown park last April without a good reason, and not calling for backup before their altercation escalated into Manney shooting Hamilton.

But Manney told the hearing that he started a pat-down because he was worried about several factors, including a bulge in one of Hamilton’s pockets.

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“I don’t have see-through eyesight,” he testified. “If there’s a bulge there’s something there and with my training and experience it could be a knife.”

Manney also said Hamilton initially cooperated. Hamilton’s family said Manney’s testimony was disgusting. The Fire and Police Commission appeals hearing could wrap early this week.