National Guard ‘Looking Into’ Rep’s Criticism Of Evers

US Rep. And Guard Pilot Adam Kinzinger Ripped Evers On Twitter For Ordering Troops Out Of Arizona

Wisconsin National Guard sign
Kendra (CC-BY-NC)

The Wisconsin National Guard and Gov. Tony Evers’ office are looking into whether an Illinois congressman who belongs to the Guard should face discipline for criticizing Evers’ decision to withdraw troops from the United States-Mexico border.

Republican U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a Wisconsin Air National Guard pilot. He ripped Evers on Twitter and on Fox News on Monday for an executive order pulling troops out of Arizona, where they have been assisting the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol since June.

Wisconsin statutes prohibit a commissioned officer from using “contemptuous words” against government officials, including the president and Wisconsin’s governor.

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Evers is commander in chief of the Wisconsin National Guard. Asked if Kinzinger might be disciplined for criticizing his commanding officer, Guard spokesman Capt. Joe Travato said the Guard and Evers’ office are looking into the matter.

Kinzinger’s spokeswoman, Maura Gillespie, said he shouldn’t face any discipline for criticizing Evers because he was off duty when he made his remarks.​​​​​​

She told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Kinzinger was exercising his freedom of speech rights off duty, just as he has done when he has criticized President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama.