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Flood Waters Recede While Damage Estimates Rise In Western Wisconsin

Nearly $8 Million In Damages Estimated So Far


Rivers are receding in western Wisconsin while damage claims pile up after as much as seven inches of rain fell on the region in 24 hours.

Wisconsin Emergency Management spokesman Tod Pritchard said the good news is rivers and streams have crested and many swollen waters are starting to recede.

“Many rivers and streams in the flood ravaged areas of western Wisconsin are coming down. Water is getting through the system and we’re able to get those water levels, those river levels, down,” Pritchard said.

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Storm damage estimates are split into public, private and business categories. In terms of preliminary public infrastructure, Jackson County is reporting $586,000 in damages, Monroe County estimates damages at around $7,000, Richland County estimates around $600,000 in damage to public roads, culverts and bridges, and Vernon County leads the pack with an estimated $4 million in public infrastructure damage.

Estimates for private residences include upwards of $2 million in damage to Vernon County homes, $540,000 in Richland County, and $162,000 in private damages to Monroe County homes.

Pritchard stressed that these estimates are preliminary and more will come in as waters continue to recede.

“So, every day, probably, over the next week, I would bet, we’re going to have updated numbers coming in from the counties as they go out and look at damage,” he said.