Training For First-Responders Zeroes In On Helping Dementia Patients

ADRC Partners With Alzheimer's Association


First-responders in northern Wisconsin will get a crash course on how to treat people with dementia in a crisis training situation this spring. The goal of the effort is to alleviate stress for people living with dementia, as well as stress on the system.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center of the North is providing the training in each county it serves this April or May. The ADRC of the North covers five counties and three tribes.

Dementia care specialist Misty Mogensen said the training will cover how to deal with dementia patients who become a threat to themselves or others.

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“When they’re in a situation where there’s a lot of anxiety or maybe anger or something happening because of the crisis itself, that ability to comprehend and communicate can be limited,” said Mogensen.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Wisconsin will partner with the ADRC of the North on the trainings. Program advocacy director Kathy Davies said first-responders can alleviate stress by speaking slowly, asking easy questions and holding eye contact.

“And just move the family members and individual to a quiet place so that we can calm the situation as quickly as possible before it gets to the next level,” said Davies.

The training is funded by a $25,000 grant from the state.