Baldwin: Move forward on health care


Republicans hope to turn last week’s legal defeat on health care into a political win this fall. But Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin says the public wants the U.S. to move forward on health coverage.

Republican candidates ranging from Mitt Romney to the four men running for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin are pledging to try to overturn the Affordable Care Act if they’re elected. The GOP contenders are also raising money off last week’s Supreme Court ruling that upheld most of the health care law. Democrats are trying to do the same. Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin says the ruling was by justices appointed by presidents from both major parties, and says she just wants to see the law proceed.

Baldwin says the law includes important provisions like coverage for children with pre-existing conditions and allowing children as old as 25 to stay on their parents’ health care coverage. Baldwin is campaigning across Wisconsin this week. Sunday, she was in Milwaukee churches and at house parties in Wauwatosa and Greendale.

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