New Owners Set To Bring Pabst Back To Milwaukee

The Brewing Company Left The City Two Decades Ago


After nearly 20 years away, Pabst Brewing Company appears serious about returning to Milwaukee.

The beer maker started in Milwaukee in 1844, and left town in 1996. It went through a series of owners and locations until Eugene Kashper and his partners bought Pabst in November.

Kashper was recently in Milwaukee to see where he might open a pilot brewery, where new products would be made and sampled. Many potential locations are at original Pabst brewing facilities.

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Eric Shephard analyzes the brewing industry for Beer Marketers Insight’s magazine. He said for a beer like Pabst, a return to Milwaukee would be more than just symbolic.

“I think what we’ve learned from craft (beers) is that location matters, and local matters,” said Shephard.

Observers have speculated that Kashper and his partners may create new brands and revive long-discontinued labels.