More Land Preserved for Ice Age Trail


Two more sections of land will be purchased for the Ice Age Trail, under DNR Board action Wednesday.

The board has okayed buying 36 acres for the Ice Age Trail in Columbia County.Kevin Thusius of the Ice Age Trail Alliance says the land is next to Gibraltar Rock near Lodi. Thusius says the rock is popular with those who have marriage on their minds, “Many people propose up there and I can see why, it’s an absolutely beautiful spot.”

Thusius is pleased that the DNR will also buy 37 acres in Manitowoc County and purchase two easements totaling another 27 acres, “A mile and a half, in a beautiful part of the state.”

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Thusius says about another 500 miles have be acquired before the trail honoring Wisconsin’s glacial heritage will be complete. He estimates at least 1,000 small purchases from willing landowners still have to be made.

Join the challenge. Goal: 500 gifts before June 27. Join the challenge.

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