Environmentalist Group Says It’s Confused By Walker’s Plan To Have State Sue EPA

Walker Announced Intent To Challenge Proposed Carbon Emission Rules During State Of The State


Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to have the state sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over what Walker calls “federal energy rules” have left some environmentalists confused.

The group Clean Wisconsin says the EPA is still working on a plan to reduce climate change-related emissions from coal-burning power plants. Policy Director Keith Reopelle said for Walker to talk about the lawsuit during last night’s State of the State Speech is “very strange timing.”

“Primarily because we’re quite a ways away from a final rule, and I assume that they’re going to wait to see what the rule actually says and does before they’re going to file a lawsuit on it,” said Reopelle.

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Reopelle said he supports much of the EPA’s proposal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but wants some things improved.

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters said Walker’s announcement is politically motivated and shows he’s in denial about climate change. The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, however, said the EPA’s “onslaught of new air regulations threatens to drain the lifeblood of the state’s manufacturing sector — affordable energy.”