DNR Keeps Eye On Possible Future Chemical Analysis Of Wisconsin Waters


The Department of Natural Resources is investigating ways to see what endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be Wisconsin waters.

A recent news story on Wisconsin Public Radio noted that Minnesota is far ahead of Wisconsin in testing waters for chemicals that may harm the human endocrine system. A few days ago, the Wisconsin DNR Board discussed the department’s research efforts over the next two years. DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp says there are no specific plans for looking into the chemical pollution, but she says maybe some research partnerships can be created.

“Certainly, endocrine issues are something that we’ve been talking about in the department. Science Services has been bringing that to our attention and we’ve been watching what’s going on in other states. Again, not all states can do all things, so it’s really good that we’ve got working relationships with our neighboring partners, so as they’re doing research we can learn from they’re doing and vice versa.”

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Stepp also mentions possible partnerships with scientists in the University of Wisconsin System. She predicts more talk about the endocrine disrupter issue for quite some time.