Cutting Wood Sales to Slow Ash Borer


The DNR wants tighter controls on bringing firewood onto state lands. The proposal is part of a stepped-up fight against invasive species.

The DNR board has okayed further development of a rule to decrease the distance from which firewood may be brought into parks and other state land from 25 miles to 10 miles. The DNR’s Andrea Diss-Torrance says a new limit would shrink the risk that emerald ash borers and other invasive pests would hitch a ride onto the public land. She says the DNR is not ready to ban outside wood on state property, as Indiana has done because a ban would hurt some sellers of firewood, “There are benefits to letting those business remain in business.”

Diss-Torrance also says invasive species within 10 miles of a park are likely to get there within five years or so anyway. Look for public hearings on the proposed firewood restrictions by next summer.

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