Coalition Urges President To Veto Keystone XL Approval

350 Milwaukee Argues Project Would Set Negative Precedent


A Wisconsin coalition opposing the planned Keystone XL Pipeline is urging President Barack Obama to again veto the project.

The U.S. Senate may soon send President Barack Obama a bill advancing a pipeline segment that backers want built through the Great Plains states.

Eric Hansen of the group 350 Milwaukee said Keystone XL would be a bad precedent and encourage pipeline companies that want to expand here.

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“And the ranchers and farmers of Nebraska, and the tribes, have been very clear that they value their water more than oil,” said Hansen.

Other critics say the pipeline would carry dirty tar sands oil from Canada, and the extraction and burning of the oil would lead to more pollution contributing to climate change. Congressional backers of Keystone XL, however, say it would help create many construction jobs.