Activists Criticize 70 Years of Nuclear Waste


An event this weekend will mark the 70th anniversary of the Nuclear Age, and raise more concerns about high-level radioactive waste.

On December 2nd, 1942, scientists created the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction at the University ofChicago.Eventually, about 100 commercial nuclear power plants have operated in the U.S., including two power plants still running near Manitowoc.But anti-nuclear activists continue to raise concerns about radioactive waste from the power plants and other sites.Dr. Jeff Patterson is a professor of family medicine at UW-Madison and is incoming national president of Physicians for Social Responsibility.He says he’d like to see the Obama Administration order more changes for in-plant waste storage pools and move more wasteto dry cask storage.

“I think it would lower the risk of accident,” he says.

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Patterson says he’s also like to see more reductions and controls on nuclear weapons. Patterson will speak this weekend in Chicago at a conference called Ending the Nuclear Age. The nuclear power industry argues it supplies electricity vital to the nation’s energy mix.