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Wisconsin Is Making Progress Toward Meeting EPA Emissions Standards, Scientists Say

Walker Has Signed On To Suit Against Federal Standards


A group of scientists says Wisconsin is well on the way to meeting an early federal goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Gov. Scott Walker recently called the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to lessen the effects of climate change “unworkable” for Wisconsin. The Republican has also joined a multi-state lawsuit against the federal proposal.

But Jeremy Richardson of the Union of Concerned Scientists said Wisconsin is 53 percent of the way toward meeting a carbon emissions benchmark for 2020 and could get the rest of the way through a regional emissions reduction program, more use of renewable energy and better energy efficiency.

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“Wisconsin has an energy efficiency standard but by strengthening that, they could get even further down the road towards complying with the EPA’s target,” Richardson said.

The EPA says it will release the final version of its Clean Power Plan this summer.