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Milwaukee Ranks Highly For High-Tech Transportation Options

Researcher Says Users Increasingly Using Tech To Go Carless

John December (CC-BY-NC)

Advocates for alternative transportation say more large cities are going high-tech to expand options for riders.

Bruce Speight with the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group said computer programs and mobile apps are helping people get easier access to things like car and bike-sharing, bus schedules and tickets, and taxis.

Speight said people want more choices.

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“They want to make decisions about how to get around based on the options that exist and, increasingly, they are looking for either non-driving or options that don’t require them to own their own their own car,” he said.

A new study by the WISPIRG Foundation looked at the high-tech transportation options in the 70 largest U.S. cities. The group ranked Milwaukee number 15. Speight said Madison is too small to have been surveyed, but he said high-tech options there are on a par with Milwaukee’s.