Michigan Tourism Board Crosses Lake To Advertise In Milwaukee


The interstate competition for your vacation dollars is taking an uncommon twist. Michigan tourism officials are in Wisconsin, spreading the word about the Wolverine State.

Michigan already heavily advertises its “Pure Michigan” tourism campaign in Wisconsin. Now Dave Lorenz, of the state agency Travel Michigan, is leading a delegation to Milwaukee. Touting the attractions of West Michigan, Lorenz says the eastern side of Lake Michigan has a different type of shoreline.

“You have these vast beautiful sandy beaches: great expanses of free shoreline to enjoy.”

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Lorenz says Michigan tourism delegations have visited other states before, but to his recollection, not Milwaukee. He says Michigan and Wisconsin still collaborate on an international marketing campaign to lure European tourists to the Great Lakes area. Wisconsin tourism officials are not taking the “Wolverine” attempt to entice Wisconsin tourists lying down. Travel Wisconsin says its new summer campaign will include billboard ads in Michigan, as well as marketing efforts in Chicago, the Twin Cities, eastern Iowa and Wisconsin.