Mary Burke: Walker’s Job Creation Numbers Are ‘Easy To Belittle’

Burke Calls Out Governor For Anemic Job Growth

Mary Burke. Photo: Shawn Johnson/WPR News.

Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke said on Tuesday that Gov. Scott Walker’s job creation record deserves to be “belittled.”

Walker recently said that Burke’s campaign strategy seems to be to belittle the 100,000 jobs gained in Wisconsin since he took office in 2011. Walker called those job gains an economic comeback.

Speaking with reporters in Milwaukee, Burke was asked about Walker’s use of the term “belittle.”

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“it’s easy to belittle it, because we’re not making enough progress,” she said. “We are dead-last in the Midwest.”

Burke said federal jobs numbers released this week show this year’s job growth in Wisconsin may wind up being worse than last year’s, which itself was worse that of the previous two years.

State Republican Party Executive Director Joe Fadness objected to Burke’s use of the word belittle.

“In fact, under Scott Walker Wisconsin is moving forward,” said Fadness.

Mary Burke has said that it seems like the governor wishes he was running against Jim Doyle. Burke said that she’s a very different person with a background as a business executive.