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Environmental Advocate Concerned Over Proposed Electric, Hybrid Vehicle Fee 

JFC Considering Up To $100 Fee On Alternative-Fueled Vehicles

Nissan Leaf electric car
Don Ryan/AP Photo

An environmental advocate says he’s concerned about a possible new state fee on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Members of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee say they’re considering a fee of up to $100 on the alternative-fueled vehicles. Backers of the proposal say drivers of those vehicles don’t pay their fair share of the state gas tax that helps fund highway repairs.

But Ashwat Narayanan, of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, says a better way to fix the state transportation budget is to reduce spending on major highway expansions.

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“What we need to do today is take a step back and really invest in the operation and maintenance of our local infrastructure, and move away from some of the more unnecessary, wasteful highway expansions that are the main reasons our transportation fund is going bankrupt today,” he said.

Narayanan also said less than half the money in the state transportation fund comes from the gas tax. He said a fee on so-called greener cars would be regressive, “and instead we should be encouraging those who are transitioning to cleaner modes of transportation, instead of penalizing them.”

He said if the state is trying to lure a modern company like the electronics company Foxconn, it should also embrace 21st century transportation technology.

A hybrid fee was proposed two years ago, but did not pass. Lawmakers say the revenue could make it easier to borrow more money for transportation.

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