Biking to Milwaukee, towing a typewriter


A bicyclist who hauled a typewriter 1,300 miles has completed her journey in Milwaukee.

A typewriter was part of a communal writing space in Maya Stein’s family home in New England, and Milwaukee is known as the birthplace of the typewriter. As part of her 40th birthday celebration, Stein decided to connect Massachusetts and Milwaukee with a six-week bike trip, during which she hauled a manual typewriter on a small trailer behind her bicycle. At stops along the way, Stein encouraged others to type their thoughts. She says she watched people become unburdened.

Stein hopes to publish a book of her “Type Rider” writings. She says there were no major problems during the bike trip: just the occasional map issue and riding into some strong westerly winds. Stein plans to take motorized transportation back to Massachusetts.

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