Holiday Special 2012


The 9XM Players are back with a holiday special featuring two Christmas scripts from the series “Quiet Please!” and “My Friend Irma”.

“Berlin: 1945”, originally produced by the series “Quiet Please!” in 1947, is the touching story of GIs preparing their Christmas feast in Europe when a stranger arrives to remind them of just what the holiday is all about.

“My Friend Irma’s Christmas Episode”, originally produced on Christmas Day in 1950, follows the misadventures of everyone’s favorite, loveable blonde as she prepares to throw a Christmas shindig, only to learn that the only guest is her!

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This live production featured the acting talents of Bruce Bradley, Coleman, Michele Gerard Good, Adam Hirsch, Eric Kindschi, Stephen Montagna, Steve Ripley, Lisa Spierer, Liz Stattelman-Scanlan, and Russell Wolff with your host, the ever-affable Norman Gilliland. And featuring seasonal music by Rebecca Dopart! It’s a great way to kick off your holiday celebrations!

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