Search Continues For Mysterious Animal In Milwaukee

'We Have To Deal With The Issue,' Mayor Says

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett
Kelly Wang/WPR

As the search for a lion-like animal in Milwaukee continues, the city’s mayor is defending the use of police resources in the effort.

It’s not clear what the big cat that’s been spotted in Milwaukee even is — a lion, a cougar, a wild animal, or someone’s exotic pet are among the circulating theories. City police, state Department of Natural Resources wardens and other law enforcement have spent many hours checking out reported sightings of the animal.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said police are trying to strike a balance between investigating the sightings and other priorities.

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“I would prefer to have police working in other areas where they’d be more productive, but at the same time, we have to deal with the issue,” he said.

Barrett said his top priority is that the big cat doesn’t hurt anyone. He said he’s not sure the animal will be allowed to live.

Wildlife advocates are urging the city to use non-lethal traps to capture the creature, and to relocate it to an animal sanctuary.