26 Elk Arrive In Wisconsin As Plan To Establish New Herd Moves Forward

DNR Captured Elk In Kentucky

Tim Lumley (CC-BY-NC-ND)

The Department of Natural Resources says 26 elk have arrived in Jackson County as part of an effort to establish a new herd near Black River Falls.

The elk finished a 45-day quarantine period in Kentucky and have now been hauled to a seven-acre holding pen in the Black River State Forest. DNR big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang said the adult elk and calves now have another 75 days in fabric-enshrouded quarantine.

“And during that time they will continue to go through some health testing. If they don’t pass those health tests, they can’t be released. We’ve got regulations that we need to follow, according to the Department of Agriculture,” he said.

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Wallenfang said there’s also a closed-off area around the holding pen. People are being asked to avoid that site until the elk are released this summer.

Wisconsin already has one established elk herd in Clam Lake.