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More Northern Counties Consider Moratoriums On Large-Scale Farms

Bayfield County Recently Passed 1-Year Prohibition On CAFOs


After Bayfield County passed a one-year moratorium on big farming operations last month, other counties are considering following suit.

Iron County Zoning Administrator Tom Bergman said they’re also exploring a one-year moratorium on concentrated animal feeding operations, also known as CAFOs.

“We want an opportunity to review impacts of what those types of facilities would have in our area, and then be able to create a regulatory framework for that,” said Bergman.

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Bergman said a public hearing on the proposed moratorium will be held this month.

Ashland County Conservationist Tom Fratt said there’s been talk of a moratorium there, but no action yet. Fratt said the they’re drafting an ordinance to cover livestock siting and manure storage for large-scale farms.

“We’ve been talking about it for a couple years now, but the proposed hog CAFO in Bayfield County really brought this to the forefront,” said Fratt.

Fratt said the county’s land committee and board may review a draft in the next month.