Mapped Out: A Special Series By Wisconsin Public Radio

Mapped Out


“WPR Reports: Mapped Out” is a limited-run Wisconsin Public Radio podcast about the 2011 fight over legislative redistricting in Wisconsin — how it was supposed to go, how it really happened, and how those decisions impact Wisconsinites today.


Producers — Bridgit Bowden and Shawn Johnson

Editor — Noah Ovshinsky

Digital Editors — John K. Wilson, Andrea Anderson, Jenny Peek and Alyssa Allemand

Technical Directors — Brad Kolberg and Karl Christenson

Music — Karl Christenson

Art Direction — John Thomas Nichols

Marketing Specialist — Angela Woodward

Digital Design — Amanda Starich, Anna Rueden and Jane Jiumaleh

Digital Project Manager — John K. Wilson

Specials thanks to Mike Crane, Michael Arnold, David Hyland, Adam Friedrich and Jeffrey Potter for their organizational support.

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