Derailed: A Special Series By Wisconsin Public Radio


Derailed is a limited-run podcast from Wisconsin Public Radio about Wisconsin’s high-speed rail line that never was. It’s a look at how the project came together, how it fell apart, and what it says about how Wisconsin has changed.


Reported and produced by Bridgit Bowden, WPR’s Special Projects Reporter, and Shawn Johnson, WPR’s Capitol Bureau Chief.

With support from:

Producer — Hannah Haynes

Editor — Noah Ovshinsky

Digital Editors — Andrea Anderson, Jenny Peek and John K. Wilson

Technical Directors — Brad Kolberg and Karl Christenson

Music — Karl Christenson

Art Direction — John Nichols and Grace Lorentz

Digital Design — Jane Jiumaleh, Anna Rueden and Amanda Starich

Digital Project Manager — Jenny Peek

Specials thanks to Mike Crane, Mike Arnold, David Hyland, Adam Friedrich and Jeffrey Potter for their organizational support.

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