Polar Vortex Returns, Bringing Dangerously Cold Temperatures Back To Wisconsin

Wind Chill Advisories Are In Effect For Tuesday Night

A polar vortex has already gripped Wisconsin and other parts of the midwest twice this winter. Photo: Lester Public Library (CC-BY-NC)

Temperatures are about to drop around Wisconsin as another arctic air mass moves into the state.

Paul Collar, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said wind chill advisories are in effect for Tuesday night and probably Wednesday night too, with cold temperatures in the forecast through at least Monday.

“Unfortunately, this bitter blast is just kind of going to go on for a while,” said Collar. “Everyone needs to take the usual precautions – we’ve been down this road this before, so it really shouldn’t be any surprise to anybody. You’ve just got to exercise common sense, limit your exposure, and try to stay inside.“

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Wind chills across the state could dip to minus 20 to minus 30 degrees on Tuesday night. Wednesday temperatures are forecast in the single digits. Light wind chills in northwest Wisconsin could reach minus 30 to minus 35 degrees, with minus 20 to minus 30 degree temperatures in the south and east.