Wauwatosa, WI
'We Have The Ability To Take Better Care Of Our People'
Adrianne King

For Wauwatosa's Adrianne King, one issue stands out as the most important this election season.

"I am a nurse practitioner, I am also a cancer survivor," she said. "So issues surrounding health care are very important to me and very important to the patients that I care for on a daily basis."

King would like to see the coverage of pre-existing health conditions under the Affordable Care Act guidelines continue.

"That was huge," she said. "I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 34, so now if that's repealed, I'm considered a liability to many many insurers."

King sees the ACA as a "stepping off point" for health care reform. One problem she sees with the current system is how difficult it can be to pay for treatments.

She's about three years past her cancer diagnosis now and is still paying for her treatments. She said she's lucky to have good insurance through her employer, but she sees many patients who don't have that benefit.

"I can't imagine how many of my patients deal with not only their illness, but then the burdensome debt that health care has become to many people," she said. "That's not something that people should worry about when they're sick."

It's something King is taking into consideration as she heads to the polls this fall.

"We have the ability to take better care of our people," she said. "I don't understand why that is seen as not the right thing to do by some."

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