State Releases New App To Help Travelers Avoid Traffic Issues

Information On Accidents, Delays And Road Closures Available Statewide

John Wilson/WPR

The Wisconsin 511 app can track things from traffic speeds to road closures, and estimates travel times based on those factors. Screenshots by Kelly Wang

Drivers can now access real-time traffic information on their smartphones through a new app launched by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The 511 Wisconsin app tracks accidents, delays and road closures to help users better plan their routes when traveling. It gathers information from nearly 400 traffic cameras, police officers, weather forecasts and online maps, and then sends notifications to users’ phones.

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DOT spokeswoman Gina Paige said the app is available statewide.

“A lot of people get confused and think ‘Oh, 511 Wisconsin is just southeast. That’s where all the congestion is.’ But it’s a statewide program, so you can get information from Eau Claire to Milwaukee to Green Bay and anywhere else and beyond,” said Paige.

511 Wisconsin is free, and usable on both Apple and Android devices.