Highway 41 Will Become An Interstate By This Fall

Transformation Will Require 175 Miles Of Signage To Be Replaced

Ken Lund (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Wisconsin is getting a new federal interstate: State Highway 41 will complete its transformation into Interstate 41 by this November.

Bryan Lipke, a project manager with the state Department of Transportation, said Interstate 41 will begin a mile south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border and will end where 41 and Interstate 43 meet in Green Bay.

He said businesses like to locate near interstates.

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“Nineteen of the 26 major distribution centers in Wisconsin are located within five miles of an interstate, and the area of Oshkosh and Appleton believed they were underserved by not being located by an interstate,” said Lipke.

It will cost $5 million to 7 million to change roughly 3,000 signs on the 175 miles of roadway. The signage contract will be awarded in May.