'There's Still A Lot Of People That Don't Get Care That Need Care'
Kelly Bascom
Edgerton, WI

Kelly Bascom, a sonographer from Edgerton, said she is most concerned about health care this election season.

Bascom said the Affordable Care Act hurt her family by increasing the cost of their health care.

"It seems to be too expensive," she said. "I just think there's still a lot of people that don't get care that need care."

Even though she works in health care, Bascom encouraged her 27-year-old son not to sign up for health care, even though it would mean he would have to pay a penalty the ACA requires.

"When we looked at the Affordable Care Act for insurance for him, it was not affordable," she said. 

Bascom added that if her son needs insurance later, he can get it later.

In addition to access to health care, Bascom also raised concerns about opioid use in her community. She said she was worried about the welfare of people dealing with addiction and how the effects of the opioid epidemic might "trickle down" to the children of parents who are struggling with addiction.

Still, Bascom recognized it may not be an easy fix. "I don't know what the answer is," she said.



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