Solidarity Sing Along Arrests Continue For Third Straight Day


Arrests continued at the state Capitol today, as members of a noontime sing along split up between the rotunda and the capitol lawn.

Protesters sang “We’re not going away” on the Capitol lawn today, which is where they can normally be found on Fridays. The lawn remains a safe haven for them even as other protesters continue to be arrested for gathering without a permit inside the Capitol.

Brian Standing thinks it’s important that he continues, but he says he respects people who chose to demonstrate inside today.

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“Some people are eager and willing to risk arrest and some people aren’t,” says Standing. “I want to make sure that the people who aren’t have a safe place to be without getting harassed by police.”

Inside the building, there were more arrests. Bart Munger often joins the outdoor sing along but said he felt it was important to be inside today to keep Capitol Police “on their toes.” Munger has been arrested repeatedly for gathering without a permit at the Capitol. For whatever reason, he says police left him alone today.

“Who knows? It’s selective enforcement,” he says. “I don’t know what reasons they pick for arresting people or not. I don’t think they want you to know what they use for a determining factor.”

The Department of Administration (DOA) issued a statement saying that Capitol Police “would approve a permit for the noontime singers if they would apply.” This was the third day of arrests since police started declaring the sing along an unlawful event.

UPDATE: After press time, DOA issued a statement saying it had issued 17 tickets on site for gathering without a permit. The DOA 14 people “will receive” citations “from video.” In the past, police have mailed tickets to protesters whose identity they already know.

The DOA also produced a copy of a permit application for a wedding that was scheduled to be held either inside the rotunda or outside if the weather was nice.DOA says the wedding party chose to get married outside today even though it was occasionally drizzling at the noon hour.It’s unknown at this time whether the wedding party made its decision because of the protesters.