Injunction Against New Abortion Law Extended By Two Weeks


A federal judge in Madison has extended by two weeks a restraining order blocking a new law that restricts some doctors from performing abortions.

The new law requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic in case there are complications. Judge William Conley told attorneys for the state they will have to prove the new law actually protects woman’s health to prevent him from striking it down.

Madison Attorney Lester Pines represents Planned Parenthood, which is challenging the law. He says physician admission privileges have nothing to do with whether a woman will get care in a hospital after an abortion. Pines says the law’s only purpose is to restrict abortion rights.

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But Judge Conley says the law’s opponents will have to prove that. Three abortion clinics say they will close because their doctors don’t comply with the law, which would force many women to travel farther to get abortions.

Assistant Attorney General Steven Means says that’s not a significant burden.

“Anytime you have a regulation, it’s going to be less convenient for some people as opposed to others,” says Means.

A trial has been scheduled for November 25.