Green Bay Ranks High For Peace Corps Participation

19 Residents Are Currently In Corps


Green Bay is among the top 10 cities of its size for people who serve in the Peace Corps, and Wisconsin as a whole also has a high participation rate.

Nearly 6,000 Wisconsin residents have volunteered with the Peace Corps since it began in 1961. As of 2013, the latest figures available, Green Bay ranked ninth among mid-sized cities.

“I know it doesn’t sound really big but considering there are less than 7,000 Peace Corps volunteers, 19 call Green Bay home,” said Brett Heimann, the recruiter for eastern Wisconsin.

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Overall there are 187 volunteers from Wisconsin, 165 of whom were recruited from public colleges. Heimann says 90 are from University of Wisconsin-Madison alone.

“It’s a good public school system (with) people who aren’t afraid to get dirty and have that hardworking spirit,” said Heimann.

Peace Corps volunteers sign up for stints of 27 months.