WPR Reports


In 1980, there was an exodus of Cubans who left their homes for the United States as part of the Mariel Boatlift. This includes almost 15,000 Cuban refugees who were sent to Fort McCoy in Sparta, Wisconsin. In this podcast, Cubans who remained in the area share untold stories about their early lives, moving to Wisconsin, and what life has been like since they’ve been living here in limbo.

Mapped Out

“WPR Reports: Mapped Out” is a limited-run Wisconsin Public Radio podcast about the 2011 fight over legislative redistricting in Wisconsin — how it was supposed to go, how it really happened, and how those decisions impact Wisconsinites today.


“Derailed” is a limited-run podcast from Wisconsin Public Radio about Wisconsin’s high-speed rail line that never was. It’s a look at how the project came together, how it fell apart, and what it says about how Wisconsin has changed.