State invests in bitcoin, Clinic aids survivors of gun violence, Shuttered park reopening

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The sun shines through leaves in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol.
The Wisconsin State Capitol on Oct. 4, 2023, in Madison, Wis. Angela Major/WPR

A UW-Whitewater scholar shares his insights on cryptocurrency after the state invests in bitcoin exchange traded funds. Then, we visit a Milwaukee clinic seeking to improve care for survivors of gun violence. Then, we hear a story from Wisconsin Life. Then, we learn about efforts to reopen a northern Wisconsin park that had been closed for years.

Featured in this Episode

  • State investors purchase stake in bitcoin funds

    The State of Wisconsin Investment Board this year purchased more than $160 million in shares of bitcoin exchange traded funds. We explore what these purchases mean for state investors, state pension recipients and the growth of cryptocurrency.

  • Milwaukee clinic responds to gun violence

    Milwaukee saw more than 800 nonfatal shootings last year. What happens to survivors of gun violence in the days and weeks after a shooting? We speak with two members of a clinic that aims to address the mental health and social service needs of gun violence survivors.

  • Wisconsin Life

    Ahead of Memorial Day, we hear a story about losing a loved one during wartime.

  • Northern Wisconsin park reopening

    A historically protected structure in Green Lake Park was almost removed while national budget cuts caused the park to close in 2015. We learn how the people of Mountain, Wisconsin saved the structure and the park ahead of its official public reopening.

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