Northwoods musky season, Axios CEO with Wisconsin roots, New Milwaukee exhibit

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Jim VandeHei speaks during UW-Oshkosh commencement
Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei address University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh graduates during their 2024 commencement ceremony May 18. (Photo courtesy UW-Oshkosh)

The season for catching muskellunge opened in northern Wisconsin May 25. We check in on Wisconsin’s state fish with a sport fishing guide. Then, Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei shares how his Wisconsin days sparked a career in journalism. Then, we explore a Milwaukee exhibit featuring community stories.

Featured in this Episode

  • Musky fishing season opens in northern Wisconsin

    Musky fishing season in northern Wisconsin is underway. We talk with a Green Bay-based sport fishing guide about expectations for the season and what anglers should prepare for when searching for muskellunge.

  • Axios co-founder on his Wisconsin roots

    Journalist and entrepreneur Jim VandeHei was recently back in Wisconsin to share advice with graduating UW-Oshkosh students.

  • The impact of blight on Milwaukee’s north side

    We talk with a resident, an architecture researcher and an historian about forces that led to challenging living conditions in Milwaukee’s north side. We also hear about a project to document community stories as part of an exhibition at the Milwaukee Historical Society this month.

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