How water quality affects loons, Microsoft partners with UW-Milwaukee lab, The search for Wisconsin’s big trees

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Photo courtesy of Fred Hoffman
An American elm tree in Milwaukee that is the current co-champion in Wisconsin for the species. Photo courtesy Fred Hoffman

We look at how poor water clarity is harming loons. Then, we explore a new partnership between UW-Milwaukee and Microsoft. Then, we talk with two Wisconsin residents who spend their spare time searching for Wisconsin’s champion trees.

Featured in this Episode

  • Report: Poor water clarity preventing loons from feeding young

    A new report from The Loon Project shows water clarity is contributing to the steep decline of the loon population. Walter Piper is the report’s lead author and runs the most detailed, long-term study of common loon behavior and ecology in the world. The study site is located in northern Wisconsin. 

  • The struggle to find youth mental health services

    For years, Wisconsin has boosted spending for youth mental health services. But families are still struggling to find help for their children. Corrinne Hess reports the story of what one Fox Valley family has gone through. 

  • UW-Milwaukee partners with Microsoft to develop AI Co-Innovation Lab

    Microsoft recently announced a $3.3 billion investment plan to grow artificial intelligence in Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector. The plan includes creating an AI Co-Innovation Lab at UW-Milwaukee’s Connected Systems Institute. We examine how this lab will serve the state.

  • Searching for Wisconsin’s champion trees

    Only about 1 percent of Wisconsin’s old growth forests survived the intense logging of the 19th and 20th centuries. But there are still big, champion trees to be found in our state. We talk with two big tree hunters about their efforts to find Wisconsin’s majestic trees.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Kate Archer Kent Host
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  • Joe Hamann Guest
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  • Dean Knetter Executive Producer
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  • Joe Tarr Producer
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director