Drug Take Back Day, New purposes for closed churches, Badgers’ high enlistment in the Peace Corps

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International flags, part of a recruiting display promoting the Peace Corps, flutter on Bascom Hill at the UW-Madison during a winter snowstorm with whiteout conditions on March 1, 2016. Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

Wisconsin’s attorney general gives a recap of Drug Take Back Day. Then, we learn how empty churches can be repurposed to serve the community. Then, we talk with three UW-Madison graduates serving in the Peace Corps to learn about their experiences.

Featured in this Episode

  • Wisconsin returns more drugs than other states for Drug Take Back Day

    Wisconsin collected more unused prescription drugs than any other state in the national Drug Take Back Day, according to the state Department of Justice. State Attorney General Josh Kaul talks about the efficacy of proper drug disposal in reducing opioid use and how opioid settlement-funded grants are aiding drug disposal efforts. 

  • Repurposing church properties 

    Around the United States, there has been a wave of church closures in recent years, and it’s predicted to continue. We talk to a Wisconsin pastor about how churches can creatively transform their properties to better serve the community.

  • How Badgers are serving in the Peace Corps

    In April, the Peace Corps announced UW-Madison was its No. 1 volunteer-producing university for 2023. We talk with three recent UW-Madison graduates and current Peace Corps volunteers about their experiences abroad, and what lessons they hope to bring back to Wisconsin.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Josh Kaul Guest
  • Mark Elsdon Guest
  • Abby Buschette Guest
  • Miya Marwood Guest
  • Jake Nation Guest
  • Dean Knetter Executive Producer
  • Keegan Kyle Managing Producer
  • Avery Lea Rogers Producer
  • Richelle Wilson Producer
  • Beatrice Lawrence Producer
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director

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