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In the 21st century, there are a lot of old crafts we think we don’t have much use for anymore. Blacksmithing. Wood turning. Spinning and basket-making. But here’s the funny thing — as our world gets more and more virtual, traditional skills are starting to look better and better to a lot of people.

Could you build your own pots and pans? Coppersmith Sara Dahmen revives a lost art

Sara working in her shop.

Sara Dahmen is a professional coppersmith – one of the only women in the country practicing the trade. She makes pots and pans – simple basic timeless cookware – out of copper, iron and tin.

A craftsman alone in the Alaskan wilderness

Monroe with Dick’s bunkbed ladder and sawbuck. Photo by Elan Robinson.

Naturalist Dick Proenneke led a legendary life alone in the Alaskan wilderness. After Proenneke’s death in 2003, master craftsman Monroe Robinson painstakingly reproduced everything Dick made to preserve a piece of that life for future generations.

‘He’s my Shakespeare’: Nick Offerman on the craft and wisdom of Wendell Berry

Still of Wendell Barry from "Wait and See"

Aside from acting and woodworking, Nick Offerman has another obsession — the Kentucky writer Wendell Berry. Offerman told Steve Paulson that his admiration of Berry is rooted in their shared belief in the enduring value of craftsmanship and hard work.

Original Air Date: April 09, 2022

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