‘Entertain Us’: Pilot Episode 2

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‘Entertain Us’ hosts Chris Malina and Haleema Shah. J. Carlisle Larsen/WPR

Welcome to round two of “Entertain Us.” In our second pilot episode, we meet the artist tasked with creating illustrated recaps of each episode of “Game of Thrones,” where each image is a tribute to whatever character met their untimely end that week. We explore why Hollywood is so obsessed with the apocalypse, and wonder why no one rides bikes when the fictional world comes to an end. And we find out how to make the perfect mixtape for a friend or love interest, and hear your stories of mixtapes gone right … or horribly wrong. That, plus much more, on the second pilot of “Entertain Us.”

Episode Credits

  • Chris Malina Host
  • Haleema Shah Host
  • Karl Christenson Producer
  • Brad Kolberg Producer
  • Brad Kolberg Technical Director
  • Sarah Goodyear Guest
  • Robert Ball Guest
  • Steven Hyden Guest
  • Stephen Thompson Guest
  • Rick Paulas Guest
  • Sarah Cooper Guest

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