Because Science: Dino DNA, Studying The Sky, Screen Time, And Discover’s Quiz

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Elena Schroeter with the tibia (shin bone) of Dreadnoughtus. Credit: Aja Carter

Restoring dinosaur DNA is a dream for most scientists…and fans of Jurassic Park. It’s not happening any time soon, but new research on dinosaur proteins is helping scientists answer some big questions. We talk to one of the researchers behind this news about what kind of answers she’s getting.

Then we talk to an astronomy professor about his career, what drew him to study the sky, and how likely he thinks it is that we are alone in the universe.

A researcher with UW-Madison’s Field Day Lab gives us new ways to think about screen time.

Finally, we learn all about metabolism from our friends at Discover Magazine, and we try to guess who said it, Star Trek actor William Shatner or renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

Episode Credits

  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • Tom Blain Technical Director
  • Elena Schroeter Guest
  • Eric Wilcots Guest
  • David Steen Guest
  • David Gagnon Guest
  • Gemma Tarlach Guest
  • Carl Engelking Guest

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