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New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Eliza Wheeler’s latest children’s book “Home in the Woods” was inspired by her grandmother’s Depression era upbringing in northwestern Wisconsin. Wheeler discusses the book on this week’s edition of “Simply Superior.” Also on this week’s show, host Robin Washington talks with 102 year-old Isabel Tusin, who shares her razor sharp recollection of the city of Superior as it was a century ago.

Eliza Wheeler’s grandmother was one of seven kids raised in a tar-paper shack in Bennett, Wis., during the Great Depression. Wheeler said it was unlikely subject matter for a children’s book, but the beautifully illustrated story of hope and resilience has been met with rave reviews.

Also, Isabel Tusin is going strong – and sharp – in Superior after 102 years. Born in Superior in 1917, Tusin went to school with Dick Bong (they shared study hall) and also was family friends with John Blatnik, meaning she knew personally the two men for whom the iconic Duluth-Superior bridges were named. She also tells what it was like growing up in Superior’s small Jewish community, her wartime travels around the country, and her eventual return home.

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